Compare historical cost of living data

Access pricing information on more than 160 goods and services in over 140 cities worldwide. With all data gathered by in-country researchers and vetted by our central team, CityData provides a unique and reliable dataset of prices since 1990, perfect for city-to-city comparison.

Why CityData?

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Product benefits

  • Access a unique dataset which draws on primary research undertaken in every city surveyed. More than 50,000 individual prices are collected by field correspondents in each survey.
  • The tool represents a vast source of information, with historical data dating back to 1990, so you can understand the whole picture – and spot historical trends.
  • All returned prices are passed through a series of rigorous internal checks to ensure you are provided with the most accurate data.
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What’s included?

  • Prices are given for a range of stores: supermarkets, mid-priced stores and higher-priced speciality outlets. These are not recommended retail prices or manufacturers’ costs; they are what the paying customer is charged.
  • Prices cover: National economic indicators; Food and drink; Household supplies; Personal care; Tobacco; Clothing; Utilities; Domestic help; Recreation; Transport; Office and residential rents; Schools, health and sports; Business trip costs; Salaries and disposable incomes*

    (*) Not available for all cities

Use CityData to:

  • Support your market entry strategy.
  • Assess international pricing for a specific product or basket of products.
  • Analyse historical pricing patterns for goods and services since 1990.
  • Plan regional office budgets and compare the cost of doing business worldwide.

This service is relevant for:

Governments and international organisations
Academic institutions
Non-governmental organisations


CityData covers 160 goods and services in over 140 cities worldwide.


Asunción|Atlanta|Bogotá|Boston|Buenos Aires|Calgary|Caracas|Chicago|Cleveland | Detroit|Guatemala City|Honolulu|Houston| Lexington|Lima|Los Angeles|Mexico City|Miami|Minneapolis| Montevideo| Montreal|New York|Panama City|Pittsburgh|Quito|Rio de Janeiro|San Francisco| San Jose| San Juan| Santiago| São Paulo| Seattle| Toronto|Vancouver|Washington DC


Adelaide|Auckland|Bangkok|Beijing|Brisbane|Colombo|Dalian|Guangzhou|Hanoi|Ho Chi Minh|Hong Kong|Jakarta| Karachi| Kathmandu|Kuala Lumpur|Manila| Melbourne|Mumbai|New Delhi |Nouméa|Osaka| Perth| Phnom Penh| Port Moresby|Qingdao|Seoul| Shanghai| Shenzhen| Singapore|Suzhou|Sydney| Taipei|Tianjin|Tokyo|Wellington


Almaty |Amsterdam|Athens|Baku|Barcelona|Belgrade|Berlin|Bratislava|Brussels| Bucharest|Budapest|Copenhagen|Dublin| Düsseldorf| Frankfurt| Geneva|Hamburg|Helsinki|Istanbul|Kiev|Lisbon| London|Luxembourg|Lyon| Madrid| Manchester|Milan|Munich|Moscow|Oslo|Paris|Prague|Reykjavík|Rome|Sofia| St Petersburg|Stockholm|Tashkent|Vienna| Warsaw|Zurich

Middle East & Africa

Abidjan| Abu Dhabi|Al Khobar|Algiers|Amman | Bahrain|Bandar Seri Begawan | Cairo| Casablanca |Dakar|Damascus |Dhaka | Doha| Douala| Dubai| Harare| Jeddah| Kuwait| Johannesburg| Lagos| Lusaka| Muscat| Nairobi| Pretoria| Riyadh| Tehran| Tel Aviv| Tripoli| Tunis

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