What is climate change?

Climate change describes the unpredictable and often devastating consequences of the world’s fluctuating climate, affecting populations and economies and creating challenges in a variety of ways.The impact of global climate change is already being felt with long and short-term consequences. From interrupting supply chains, markets, economies, and healthcare access to causing devastation in habitations and ecosystems. EIU offers forecasts, reports and trend-predictions to give you the insight to adjust your business strategy for climate changes and its effects.

Climate change updates from EIU

Our climate change hub is regularly updated to share our findings on this complex and urgent issue. Explore the causes and implications of climate change to both global and local economies, and examine the issues that arise when trying to meet 2030 targets . Understand the latest climate change science as scaleable discoveries and solutions are developed, and mitigate the effects of unfolding events.
Discover more in our energy archives or learn how our Operational Risk service can prepare you for the future effects and impacts of climate change.

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Understand the effects of climate change

In order to predict consequences of climate change, we must first understand why it is important, and to collect evidence of existing climate changes to measure it effectively. Our reports show how countries can develop resilience to the effects of climate change and its impact on global and regional environments, industries and economies

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