Digital payments analysis from EIU

Demand for digital payments is expected to increase exponentially over the next decade. Our country risk service informs you of the latest developments in digital payments and their economic impact.

Digital payments analysis from EIU: what are digital payments?

Digital payments use online payment systems to transfer money without using cash. They enable money transfer, anywhere in the world, in real-time. Digital payment services remove barriers for people and global financial services alike by eliminating cash-handling costs, currency exchange and transfer rates.

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EIU update: digital payments

Our digital payment hub is regularly updated with our latest analysis. We cover developing trends for electronic payment systems, including mobile payment systems, and risks and opportunities associated with digital payments. We also address how covid-19 has impacted digital payment systems, helping you navigate pandemic recovery. Read our updates to stay ahead of emerging digital payment trends.

Digital payments reports from EIU

Our reports provide data and insight to inform the decisions of digital payment companies and consumers alike. We analyse global trends and developments , tracking progress towards enhanced payment systems. We produce industry-specific research covering e-commerce, finance and healthcare payment systems.

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