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Our global forecasting service provides an in-depth five-year macroeconomic outlook and economic forecast for the world’s economy. To provide you with clear, coherent analysis, we make sense of the complex regional and global trends that shape market forecasts , including monetary policies, exchange rates and commodity trends .

Our detailed forecasts enable you to manage risk, plan for likely scenarios, seek out emerging market opportunities and conduct business with confidence. Explore how EIU can enable your business to stay prepared, enquire now .

Global Outlook Video: December 2022

EIU’s global forecasting director, Agathe Demarais, and our global economist, Cailin Birch, discuss some of the key takeaways from the recent US midterm elections.

Global forecasting reports from EIU

You’ll find concise and cogent insights throughout our global analysis. Discover global trends reports , detailed forecasts for the Middle East and Africa , Europe and the Americas . Our best-in-class global forecasting system provides you with the breadth and depth of analysis needed to identify risk and invest confidently in your region or industry, from consumer goods to telecommunications .

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Available now on our EIU Store , the latest edition of the World Country Forecast report provides insights into how economic and political developments will shape the business environment in 82 countries over the next five years.

What’s included?

Comprehensive five-year economic, political and policy outlook
Long-term forecasts out to 2050 for key economic indicators
Comparable ranking of business environment attractiveness
Analysis of medium-term market opportunities
Data summary of historical and forecast economic indicator

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