Supply chain analysis from EIU

Currently, global supply chains have major weaknesses. Breakdowns in supply chain logistics have created shortages and delays that have caused spikes in transportation costs and consumer prices. Trade tensions that are causing difficulty in supply chain management, particularly between the US and China, pre-date the pandemic and continued disruption looks likely.

EIU’s supply chain focus: why is supply chain management important?

Our data and insights compare the costs of goods and services in countries and cities worldwide to forecast opportunities for growth in major global markets .

We provide business leaders with the insights needed to strategically navigate supply chain disruption, enquire now .

EIU update: supply chain insights

The supply chain hub is regularly updated with our latest analysis. We cover the impact of supply chain shortages on the manufacturing, technology and e-commerce sectors. Our data and research provides details on how supply chain disruption is impacting regional markets and national economies. As well as offering mid-to-long term forecasts, our work also addresses current concerns as they unfold, including America’s reshoring efforts and supply chain impact on vaccine inequity. Read our updates for regular insights on the shifting state of markets, trade and global supply chains.

Supply chain reports from EIU

Our reports on global supply chains are data-driven and written by expert forecasters, bringing much-needed clarity to a perplexing trade environment. Discover global and regional outlooks and country-specific insights. Our coverage provides informed perspectives on the world’s supply chains, including US-China trade relations, vaccine inequity and emerging opportunities for Latin American countries .

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