Telecoms and technology industry trends and insights

EIU’s forecasts and analyses equip you to navigate technology industry trends, including the impact of new technology and the short-term risk of tightened cybersecurity. Clarifying emergent tech industry news and changes in the telecom industry, our insights address the challenges and opportunities prevalent in this sector.

Telecoms and technology industry analysis

telecoms industry

What is the telecoms and technology industry?

The telecoms industry is responsible for innovations in digital communication like 5G and fibre. The related tech industry produces the ever-advancing technology that we use in tandem. Demand for faster, more efficient services continues to grow, making telecoms and tech one of the most lucrative industries. In 2021 major market players reported combined revenues of US$1.4trn.

Challenges facing the tech and telecoms industry

Competition and regulation are the two main challenges for both telecoms and tech companies. Telecom industry growth is slower than tech as multiple operators are present in most markets. This means that profitability suffers, which is cause for concern in an industry reliant on the significant investments needed for new and emerging technologies in the telecom industry and automation in the telecoms industry. Meanwhile, affecting future trends in tech industries, multiple jurisdictions seek to regulate new tech in many areas, including privacy, content restrictions and fair competition. Despite this, the tech industry’s prosperity continues, partly due to increased global reliance on technology throughout the covid-19 pandemic.

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