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Commercial banking intelligence

Overcome the complexities of an evolving global financial landscape with confidence. Banks use our data and forward-looking analysis to strengthen their assessment of credit risk, ensure compliance with regulatory requirements and identify new market opportunities.

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Comprehensive credit risk management

Strengthen your assessment of credit risk and get a comprehensive view of the exposure across your portfolio.

We provide proprietary sovereign, currency and banking sector ratings for 29 advanced economies and 102 emerging markets. These draw upon 59 indicators and are published using a consistent methodology that allows for easy comparison and integration within your workflow.

Our financial data is accompanied by qualitative analysis for each rating, enabling you to build a more complete view of the risk landscape in your markets.

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Prepare for the future

EIU’s analysis and data empower decision-makers to make sense of the complex global business environment and understand the trends that will shape the future of banking.

Our unrivalled global, regional and country-level analysis outlines the macroeconomic and policy trends affecting the lending market in nearly 200 countries. In addition to this, our long-form thematic analyses dive deeper into industry trends, such as shifting consumer habits and the evolution of the digital payments landscape.

These insights allow senior leaders to stay ahead of competitors and produce a forward-looking strategy strengthened by reliable intelligence.

Identify new markets of opportunity

Get a better understanding of how macroeconomic trends, geopolitical developments and policy shifts will affect the lending environment in your markets.

We provide five- to ten-year forecasts for six critical industries covering 26 sectors. These are enhanced by qualitative analysis of regulatory updates, policy changes, company activity and demand trends.

Available for 69 countries, these insights provide lending teams with a view of the trends that will underpin market opportunities in both the near and long term.

Challenge consensus

High-quality, unbiased and independent research.

Breadth of coverage

Our experts provide forecasts and analysis for nearly 200 countries, accounting for about 95% of global GDP.


A proven methodology, a forward-looking, analytical approach and decades of experience enable EIU to forecast with precision.


Our analysis is unbiased and impartial, and provides you with an accurate view of the macroeconomic and political environment.

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Risk management

Strengthen your assessment of credit risk.

Strategy and planning

Understand the trends that will shape the future of banking.

Commercial lending

Drive market opportunity in both the near and long term.

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