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Investment banking intelligence

Pinpoint new opportunities, win business and monitor trends that could affect your markets. Connecting policy with macroeconomics and geopolitics, our distinctive global insights enable a range of investment banking divisions to make deeply informed decisions.

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Monitor critical markets

Get an independent view of how global trends are shaping the mergers and acquisitions landscapes.

Through EIU, advisory divisions gain access to forward-looking political and macroeconomic analysis for 200 countries. These actionable insights are published in addition to our proprietary business environment rankings and credit and operational risk data.

Our intelligence is crucial at every stage of the deal lifecycle, from identifying targets and developing strategies to supplementing due-diligence and valuation processes.

Enhance your risk management strategy

Protect investments against increasingly complex global dynamics with EIU’s comprehensive risk data.

We publish more than 20,000 data series a month, covering the macroeconomic, credit, operational and ESG risk landscapes. This quantitative assessment is supplemented by our risk scenario watchlist and thematic analysis, curated by our extensive team of country experts.

Our insights enable risk and compliance teams to spot emerging threats, stress test current holdings and provide strategic guidance to stakeholders.

Prepare for the future

Inform your investment strategy with robust and accurate insights.

Research teams use our intelligence to understand how global trends are shaping the investment landscapes in their markets and asset classes. We monitor the outlook for nearly 200 countries, six industries and 25 critical goods.

Our insights enable a range of research divisions to make well-informed and profitable recommendations to salespeople, traders and investors.

Demonstrate expert market knowledge

Provide deeper strategic insights to clients with our world-class macroeconomic, political and policy intelligence.

We produce global, regional and country-level forecasts and analysis updates outlining the impact that current events will have on equity markets, currency and commodity prices. This qualitative view is verified by our customisable data tool, updated with more than 20,000 series a month.

Our intelligence enables sales divisions to provide timely and relevant market information to investors, advise on portfolio allocation and pitch new financial products.

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