Global Outlook video from February

Global Outlook: Eurozone sectors set to be hit from coronavirus outbreak

In The Economist Intelligence Unit’s latest global outlook video, Agathe Demarais, Emily Mansfield, and Adnane Allouaji discuss the economic impact of the coronavirus in Europe and the increasingly complex situation developing in Libya.

The novel coronavirus epidemic has undoubtedly hit Asia, and especially China, the hardest so far. However, the economic impacts are also being felt globally. Emily Mansfield outlines the likely impact of the virus on the eurozone economy, focusing on the specific sectors that will be the most affected by the outbreak.

Adnane Allouaji offers his insights on the ongoing conflict in Libya. The intervention of Russia and Turkey has seen the civil war become increasingly complex, with any peace negotiations having effectively come to a standstill. What do these latest developments mean for the Libyan economy and oil production throughout 2020?

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