Financial business intelligence

Overcome the challenges of the ever-changing global financial outlook. Our world-class risk ratings and analysis of the macroeconomic, political and policy environment empower you to stay ahead.

Our intelligence enables financial organisations to:

Ratings going up and down

Assess risk ratings

Our global team of analysts provide rigorous country-level coverage of credit, macroeconomic and geopolitical risk. Our ratings cover sovereign, currency, banking, political and economic risk.

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Monitor market volatility

Follow important developments that could impact your investments. Our country specialists provide leading analysis of the world’s political and economic landscapes, covering 200 countries and six pivotal industries.

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Develop risk models

Choose the countries and indicators that are most relevant to you. Our financial risk data are easy to customise and analyse in your models. Our robust methodology enables you to effectively compare threats across developed and emerging economies.

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Confidently invest in new markets

Uncover opportunities and improve transaction due diligence with investment climate rankings for 82 major economies. Our proprietary business environment ratings assess regulatory landscapes and countries’ attitudes towards foreign investment.

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Understand long-term macroeconomic trends

Anticipate future global events that could undermine portfolio performance with political and economic forecasts and risk scenarios to 2050.

Measure your portfolio’s ESG footprint

Stay informed of the physical and transitional risks associated with climate change. Strengthen your investment decisions by understanding the drivers of social change with our country-level ESG data covering 150 markets.

Departments we serve

Manage risk exposure and identify areas of opportunity with market-leading forecasts, analysis and data solutions, available for nearly 200 countries.

Commercial banks

Use our financial data and analysis to strengthen your credit-risk assessment process, structure and price loans, and ensure compliance with regulatory requirements.

Investment banks

Whether preparing for an initial public offering or researching mergers and acquisitions, streamline your due diligence with reliable macroeconomic forecasts and data for nearly 200 markets.

Asset management

Develop winning investment strategies and prepare for market-moving events that could affect your portfolio. Our in-depth macroeconomic and geopolitical analysis, data and risk scenarios covers the world’s major and emerging markets.

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Incorporate market-leading macroeconomic and geopolitical analysis and data into your underwriting and due-diligence processes, enabling you too accurately price prospective clients.

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Impact investors

Ensure your investments produce financial returns while aligning with environmental, social and governance (ESG) commitments by using our country-level ESG data and analysis for 150 markets.

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Credit ratings agencies

Effectively manage your credit risk exposure with access to financial data for 131 countries and market-leading forecasts and analysis.

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Pension funds

Use our unparalleled macroeconomic and geopolitical coverage to monitor the global dynamics that will affect bond markets and other asset classes you have a vested interest in.

Private equity

Leverage our country and industry analysis to attract potential investors, prioritise new markets and measure risks to current holdings. Our investment climate rankings provide private equity firms with a clear view of their markets’ regulatory environment.

Identify the best solution for your needs

Enhance credit assessments

Benefit from a holistic view of the operational, sovereign and political risk factors that affect countries’ financial stability.

Manage risk exposure

Improve your risk models with our standardised indicators informed by independent analysis.

Inform your decision making

Anticipate global events that could affect your assets and undermine portfolio performance.

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